Simulation and Design

To obtain a computer account, please fill out, print, and bring the Intent to Use Form below to the Center. You will also need to obtain a valid recharge ID from your advisor. There is a charge of $30 dollars a month ($1/day) for a CHFE computer account. Once you have an account with us you can either come to the lab and use our computers or remote desktop into one of our servers.

Local Usage of Software by Share Cost

If you prefer to run software on different computers other than CHFE computers, CHFE can provide local computer license installation. The license cost will be shared among CHFE and research groups which participate in sharing. The standard charge to each group is calculated based on the total  license fee divided by the estimated number of groups sharing the license including CHFE. This feature is currently not available for ADS. Check the Intent to Use form for the current shared Cost

1) Due to license restrictions, we cannot allow industry users to have a computer account.

2) Each user is given a unique computer account. Choose a password that is easy for you to remember yet hard for other to guess. Always log on to the CHFE domain and do not share your log on information.

3) You are free to come in and do simulations whenever the lab is open. If a computer is in use and “locked” choose another one. Do NOT restart the computer or cancel someone else’s simulation. Please note that during Winter and Spring quarter the computers are reserved during EE 164 class times. Currently this is Wednesday and Thursday 12-4pm however this is subject to change.

4) Do not save anything on the desktop or c:\ drive, if you do there is no guarantee the data will be available to you the next time you log on. Always save your data on the z:\ drive which is a networked drive visible from any computer on the CHFE domain.

5) Due to licensing restrictions remote simulation is only available from select computers. These can be accessed through the Windows Remote Desktop connection. Due to these limited resources it is important that you “logoff” when done, do not simply “disconnect” or close the window as this keeps the computer locked and unavailable to others.