The UCLA CHFE consists of 3500 sq. ft. of space in Engr. IV building. Its laboratories have served both internal and external users for their needs in nanofabrication back-end processing, printed circuit board (PCB) design and fabrication, and packaging of nanoscale devices and structures. In addition, the labs possess instrumentation for characterization, analysis, and probing of high-speed RF nanoelectronic and photonic devices. Operated by a senior engineer and 4 student helpers, CHFE labs support:

Simulation and Design. CHFE maintains software such ANSYS EM packages for high-frequency electromagnetic field simulation, Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) for RF electronicsdesign, IC-CAP for DC and RF semiconductor device modeling, and Microwave Office for designing all types of RF and microwave circuits.

PCB Fabrication and Back-end Processing. CHFE has equipment including PCB mask plotter, PCB reflow oven, rework station, UV lithography tool, wet etching bench, LPKF milling machine, dicing saw (Disco DAD321), wire bonder (TPT HB16) and wedge bonder (Westbond) for wedge/ball wire bonding (wire/ribbon, Al/Au).

Characterization and Measurement. CHFE supports microwave and millimeter wave devices characterization with equipment such as Agilent N5247A PNA-X vector network analyzers measuring up to 67GHz w/o external mixers, up to 110 GHz with external mixers, Cascade SUMMIT 9300 RF probe station, synthesized sweepers, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes, Agilent 4145B /4156C/4280 semiconductor parametric analyzers, Micromanipulator 6000 probe station, complete set of waveguide components up to 110 GHz, and Load-pull fixture with automated tuners up to 18 GHz. CHFE also supports antenna measurements with (i) a spherical near-field antenna chamber with open-ended waveguide probes ranging from 1GHz to 26.5GHz,(ii) planar near-field antenna chamber that is capable of performing high frequency measurements from 26 to 67 GHz w/o external mixers, up to 100 GHz with external mixers, and (iii) automated software performing near-field to far-field transformation.