Characterization and Measurement

CHFE supports microwave and millimeter wave devices characterization with equipment such as Agilent N5247A PNA-X vector network analyzers measuring up to 67GHz w/o external mixers, up to 110 GHz with external mixers, Cascade SUMMIT 9300 RF probe station, synthesized sweepers, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes, Agilent 4145B /4156C/4280 semiconductor parametric analyzers, Micromanipulator 6000 probe station, complete set of waveguide components up to 110 GHz, and Load-pull fixture with automated tuners up to 18 GHz.

CHFE also supports antenna measurements with(i) a spherical near-field antenna chamber with open-ended waveguide probes ranging from 1GHz to 26.5GHz, (ii) planar near-field antenna chamber that is capable of performing high-frequency measurements from 26 to 67 GHz w/o external mixers, up to 100 GHz with external mixers, and (iii) automated software performing near-field to far-field transformation.