Equipment Inventory

To rent items from the Center, one must be part of the University of California (internal) or a certified California Business (external). Special shipping is available at the cost of the recipient. If you are part of the University of California, Los Angeles, and would like to rent an item you must provide a valid recharge ID and your contact information including your name, advisor or principal investigator, University phone number, and room number by filling the following form and bring it to the Center.

If you are part of another university or a private or public company, we require a purchase order or the equivalent which must include contact information including the name of the company and the renter, address, phone number, fax number, billing address, and Federal Tax ID.

Rates listed are per day unless otherwise noted. Selected network analyzers are available at hourly rate

CHFE usage credit for test equipment/instrument share program and test project assistance program

CHFE is encouraging PIs to share their valuable test equipment/instrument with all CHFE users through the CHEF online inventory check-in/check-out process. The rental charges obtained from using the shared equipment/instrument will result in 50% back rewards as service credit to the groups who own the equipment/instrument. This service credit can then be utilized to cover any future CHFE service charges.

CHFE is also encouraging PIs to allow their group’s PhD students/Postdocs to assist or perform test projects for CHFE’s industrial customers. The labor charges obtained from these test projects could be rewarded as service credit up to 100% back to the same group to which the PhD students/Postdocs belong, based on their contributions to the projects.